3 More Reasons You Need Aerial Photography & Video

Mar 25, 2022 | Picture KC

Aerial photography and drones are nothing new at this point. Your neighbor probably has one. Maybe that kid down the street even flies one around. Heck, one might have even crashed into your backyard at some point.

And aren’t they supposed to be dropping off our packages by now? Will dogs bark at them like they do delivery men and women? Hm.

Sidetrack aside, drones actually are an incredibly powerful tool in real estate marketing. They’re your eye in the sky, and armed with powerful cameras, they can provide stunning images for your listings. 

Aerial photography and video are no longer a niche little extra — it’s an expected service. Picture KC is certified by the FAA to provide those aerial shots to the Kansas City real estate community. But why do you need them? Here are just a few more reasons.

aerial photography and video
Show off the space around a listing with aerial photography.

1. Aerial Photography Grows Your Client Base

When you offer top-of-the-line, modern services, your clientele is sure to grow. That’s just one of the benefits of something like aerial photography, but it’s a big one.

Aerial photography is now expected, not an added bonus. If you aren’t able to capture aerial images and video of a property, you’re likely going to miss out on some business. When you’re able to offer the whole shebang, you’ll get bigger and better listings. You’ll offer clients what they’re looking for when they browse online.

It all adds up to more business for you. 

2. Drone Photography Helps Build Your Brand Portfolio

Don’t forget you have to market yourself to your clients just as much as you have to market the listings you’re able to land. Step one is getting that listing in the first place! And you’re much more likely to land them if you have some stunning images from above on your official site.

Aerial photography really is unmatched when it comes to the awe it inspires. You can showcase a property from an angle that no one else can see. You’ll show potential clients that you’re willing to literally go above and beyond. 

3. Showcase The Space

Aerial photography is especially powerful if the house itself isn’t necessarily the star of the show. Is there a sprawling yard? Some majestic landscaping? A garden? Ample privacy from the neighbors?

Using drone footage and images allows you to show off all of these qualities that home buyers may not otherwise be able to comprehend. Now, more than ever, people want space. A drone image isn’t that sexy when it shows that your neighbors are right on top of you, but when you’ve got some green borders and a big, open lot, you can inspire imagination and show off its potential. 


We could go on, but surely you can already see the value in providing aerial photography for your listings. It’s a fantastic way to show off your expertise, credibility, and know-how in addition to providing stunning images and videos of your listings.

Lucky for you, Picture KC is an expert and FAA-approved provider of aerial photography and video. If you’d like to add this service to your listings, get in touch with us today.

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