3 Reasons Why You Need Aerial Photography For Your Kansas City Real Estate Listings

Jul 1, 2019 | Picture KC

Looking for a way for your real estate marketing efforts to rise above the rest? Well take to the skies my friend — and quite literally — as aerial photography and video are becoming a hot commodity on the real estate scene, especially here in Kansas City.

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While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) isn’t the biggest fan of drones, they did allow for drone photography to be used commercially in August 2016. This means that it’s legal for a real estate photographer to use a drone to capture aerial images of your real estate property, but only if your photographer is certified by the FAA to provide this service, like Picture KC, locally owned and operated in Kansas City.

Naturally, your aerial images should be left to professionals, but how can they help you move a property? Let’s take a look.

1. Don’t Let Your Prospective Clients’ Imagination Wander

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An aerial view of a home and how it fits into the grander scheme of the neighborhood is something that a home buyer won’t be able to imagine. What they have in their head will likely be completely different from reality.

But you can take away some of the guesswork involved in buying a home by showing them what your listing looks like from the air. This allows you to showcase some of your property’s best features, especially if it has high scenic value or a new roof.

If your listing has a big yard, this gives you the chance to show its scale. You can use a drone to give perspective on the beautiful neighborhood. If the house has a new roof, you can show it off.

Anyone who clicks through the aerial images attached to your listing will get a clear vision of the home’s layout, its actual size, distance from the neighboring homes, etc. Essentially, you can show home buyers the big picture by shooting it from above.

2. Because Aerial Photography Is Trendy

This might seem like a silly idea to do something, but when it comes to your marketing, it isn’t. Keeping up with the trends is imperative to get people to notice your listing. Many will expect to see aerial images included with your listing along with the standard images and more current visuals, such as a 3D tour.

Drones and aerial imagery are hot right now and your prospective buyers will be looking for images from above when they click through your listing. If they don’t find any, they may even ask for some, because remember, the view from above is not something they can imagine.

As a bonus for you, aerial images are shared much more online by home buyers than traditional images. This will put your listing in front of more eyes, which can only be good for your business.

3. Offer A Unique Perspective For Less

In years past, a bird’s eye view could only be achieved via a small plane or helicopter. This was obviously a remarkably expensive investment for real estate agents of years past. Now, you have the advantage of inexpensive drones which offer you a great bang for your buck.

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The images captured by drones are remarkably high-quality, and those photographers who have been certified and trained are masters at getting the shots right. Since prospective buyers are looking for this kind of content, having aerial images can help you move property.


Drone/aerial photography can help you showcase your Kansas City real estate listing in a unique way and put them a step above your competition. With real estate in the area being so highly competitive, you can’t afford to be left behind using the same static images of home interiors — you need aerial photos and video to show off your properties to get buyer’s attention.

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