Are gimmicks the new selling trick?

Jul 26, 2018 | Picture KC

Real Estate Agents will do just about anything these days to get their listings noticed!

Have you seen the videos and photos where agents get dressed up, or do something else that’s quirky, and it seems to actually be helping sell a home?

It appears to have worked quite well for him!  His listing was featured in this Forbes article “Dinosaur listing video turns into marketing success story“, and was under contract in two day

But as with most things, Casey may have got his idea from others. Last year in Charlotte, another agent used the exact same strategy:

Here is agent Jonathan Andrews speaking to Inman about the video:

“Feedback has been unbelievable. A number of people have commented about how great and creative the video is. It’s certainly been much stronger than any other video I’ve made.

But most importantly I’m receiving calls from people wanting to tour the home of this dinosaur video they saw on Facebook. That’s a new one for me!”

A couple years back Jessica Arnett, another agent in Texas, used a panda costume in her listing photos:

Some of my favorites however are when the realtors really start to let loose, like Clint Smith in Queensland, Australia.  Marketing properties may be his main gig, but he’s definitely practicing his moves on the side.  Who doesn’t love combining their passions?

But Smith’s video isn’t exactly a feature of the home, rather a bonus video to get people’s attention.

In New Brunswick USA, Dylan Mahaney also uses dance moves to attract buyers, except his is more incorporated into the home tour:

According to an article in The Financial Post:

Mahaney said he has not yet received any offers for the Upper Coverdale, N.B., house — which is on the market for a cool $319,900 — though he hopes the video will get the attention of prospective house hunters.
“Ultimately, my goal is to sell the house,” he said. “As silly as it is, my client will never be able to say that I didn’t try.”

People definitely like to know their agent is trying their best, and at the end of the day, there are many ways to attract potential buyers!  This has become somewhat of a signature trend for Mahaney, which may lead one to believe he’s onto something.  Not only with getting properties sold, but also generating new leads and listings:

This seems to be working well for Mahaney, because this is America after all and we do love some good entertainment!


What are your thoughts?  Are they actually getting more listings, or is this just a trend that won’t continue to bring in the clients?  Are they able to get the important boxes checked, like higher sale prices, and faster contracts?

That is what these agents are trying to achieve, and it would be fun to know the long term results of their efforts.

Doing gimmicky things to stand out has his perks and pitfalls.  It really just comes down to preference. In marketing, you have to continually strive to do something different, something that is going to catch buyers attention, and that doesn’t come by doing the same thing everyone else is doing. A realtors job is ultimately to get the listing noticed and sold, so I think these guys do need some credit for going above and beyond.

But what about long-term results? Like I said, some people may enjoy it, and want to use that realtor, while others may find it a little weird or unprofessional.  You never know unless you try.

Are these gimmicks needed to stand out in social media?

Again, it just depends. For example, the agency above doing professional videos for all their listings will build a reputation for consistency and quality, which can definitely get their brand known. People want to list their home with someone who is professional, and provides marketing that is exceptional.  When it comes to social media, consistency and image is key, so if you want to try something to stand out, just make sure to continue with a professional overall image.

What about the dancing and costumes?

As with social media, what matters is the overall marketing package.  So if an agent wants to use comedy to attract buyers (or new clients) it’s important to maintain the right balance.  Some videos above where just about the costume, or the dancing, where they should have a bit more balance with the ultimate task at hand.

Gimmicks aren’t necessary in today’s market

Agents can still attract clients and buyers without the gimmicks, but providing a consistent, quality service that people trust. In my experience, agents just need high-quality photos, professional videos, and targeted Facebook and Instagram content that is appreciated by buyers and sellers in Kansas City.

Give buyers what they want – top class visual marketing that draws people in – and the referrals and business will come. No gimmicks required.

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