3D Virtual Tours Take Your Kansas City Real Estate Listings To The Next Dimension

May 6, 2020 | Picture KC | 2 comments

Hello, faithful blog readers! How are things going in your world? I’m here today to talk about one of our new services – 3D virtual tours.

I struggled with whether or not I should go back to work for a while. Real estate was deemed essential business here in Kansas, but it felt wrong to go back to work right away. Unfortunately, my clients had to go with other photographers while I stayed home with my son, Winslow.

I couldn’t take it anymore! (The loss of business, not Winslow, he’s the sweetest!)

Picture KC is officially back in action. We’re taking precautions with masks and social distancing, but we’re back. 

That’s right — Picture KC is now a “we.” If you missed it, we announced last month that my husband, Asa, and I have gone full power couple and are now running Picture KC as a husband-and-wife team. Our unique skills combined means we are now able to offer you more.

More coverage, more listings, and providing more cutting-edge services.

And that’s what I’m here to talk about today.

We’ve added 3D virtual tours to our offerings and we’re currently offering them for half-price (more on that later).

What is a 3D Virtual Tour?

First things first: a 3D virtual tour is NOT a video tour. We’ll get into those next month here on the blog, and yes we do offer them as well!

A 3D tour is made up of a sequence of still images. The images are digitally stitched together to form a full 360-degree panoramic experience.

This offers the viewer the full perspective — users can zoom in or pan our to get the full experience and get a sense of what it’s like to actually be standing there without being physically present. Viewers can easily get this experience on their mobile devices. Technology is amazing!

3D virtual tours Picture KC
3D virtual tours allow you to scroll around this living room as if you were really there.

Camera and mobile technology have taken virtual tours to a new level, offering users a real-world perspective of the listing. 3D virtual tours are fully-interactive, completely immersive experiences. What you see on a 3D virtual tour is exactly what you experience when you visit a listing in person. 

3D virtual tours can increase engagement with your listing in the Kansas City area. They are highly shareable and can be used on your listing’s website, in presentations, and on social media. 

A Cheaper Option

Our 3D tours are more cost and time-effective than the hot-right-now Matterport 3D virtual tours.


A couple of reasons.

  1. Matterport is the biggest name brand for 3D virtual tours. Because of this notoriety, they are able to charge a premium for their cameras (we’re talking around $3 grand here). Because of this overhead, I would have to charge a higher rate.
  2. With Matterport, I have to wait for the camera to do a 360 scan where it turns on its axis to take the 360-degree image. This can be incredibly time-consuming, which also adds to the price, as I have to account for my time investment! Instead, I can focus on taking pictures rather than waiting for a thing to spin in a circle. 
  3. No hosting fees. That’s right, our platform has allowed for a lifetime membership which is far more cost-effective for everyone involved. Not only do you not have to worry about the on-going cost, we are also freed up to not need to track when a 3D tour has sold and no longer needed.

Long story short, I don’t use Matterport for 3D tours and that helps you save money while not skimping on quality. You can view samples of our 3D virtual tours for proof! Or check this one out to see what aerial 360 images look like (more on those coming soon).

Book Your 3D Tour Now For 50% Off

You have a captive audience at home and many people searching for homes are doing so exclusively online. Offering a 3D virtual tour is a great hook to get more eyes on your listing and keep them there longer. 

Picture KC understands the need for 3D virtual tours as well as the realities of today’s world (meaning your marketing budget). That’s why we’re offering 3D tours for 50% off on real estate listings from now until August 1, 2020. Pricing is based on square footage and ranges from $75 to $175 (normally $150 to $350). 

We’ll get through this together! Book your session today. 

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