Meet Asa & Samantha Ward

Owners and Photographers

Picture KC is more than just a husband-and-wife team, it’s a family business that’s passionate about helping Kansas City’s real estate industry succeed. With Samantha’s background in underwater photography and tourism and Asa’s experience in construction and four dimensional art, they offer a unique perspective that brings listings to life.

Their nontraditional journey began in the Cayman Islands, where they shared their love for food, music, family, culture, and adventure. Now, with all hands on deck, they provide a higher standard of service to their clients by offering tools like their Home Preparation Checklist, open communication on sensitive topics like copyrights, and added value with every standard photo package.

At Picture KC, they take pride in honoring the trust of homeowners during one of life’s biggest transitions. They aim to leave a positive experience that generates genuine referrals for both themselves and their clients. So if you’re looking for consistent products, punctuality, and professionalism that go beyond the standard, get in touch with Picture KC to showcase your beautiful home.



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