Minimalism in a Modern Contemporary

May 9, 2023 | 0 comments

This remarkable home is a perfect example of the modern, sleek, and luxurious style that characterizes such historical designs as Bauhaus, whose geometric-based elements and pure forms have influenced present-day designs for over a century. The term contemporary design refers to a style “of the moment,” which this dwelling flawlessly defines.

Built with maximizing the natural light in mind, walls of windows command the eye of the viewer upon entering the inviting atmosphere. Large windows can be a photographic-blown out nightmare, but our Picture KC photographer uses the view of the lush foliage to their advantage resulting in a beautiful even light. Our talented cameraperson also knew that shooting this home at the appropriate time of day would ensure an inviting glow without glares.

Moving in a circular motion throughout the grand room and using a wide-angle lens, they were able to find the right perspective to capture the uniqueness of this spectacular space. The natural design details and clean textures of the home provide character, while the geometric fixtures and simple furniture add an array of sophistication.

Most contemporary designs incorporate crisp, straight lines and simple forms to add a bit of grace to functional spaces. Our photographer captures these angular elements correctly by using the classic rule of thirds to give viewers an overall flow of the interior. Moving through the common areas, they use a one-point perspective to show off the details of the gourmet kitchen, which deserves extra attention. The photographer then optimizes reflections from the windows to highlight the natural stone counters, backsplash, and wood cabinetry that glow in the natural light.

Organic geometric details dance out at the viewers as we smoothly transition from the common areas to the intimate ones, using the perfectly utilized space below the stairway as a bit of contemporary eye candy for the architectural lovers.

As we step into the master suite, the design features are striking but not overwhelming. The angled ceiling creates a wide entrance that recedes into the comforts of the plush bedding. Captured at a precise angle, our photographer did this to provide a glimpse of the doorway leading into the luxurious master bath. This small moment can easily entice homebuyers by striking their curiosity as to what lies beyond the comforts of the bedroom.

From here, we are lead us into the simplistic complexities of the contemporary master bathroom. A freestanding tub elegantly staged with bright flowers drawls in the eye of the viewer, providing a wow-factor due to the lavish fixtures.

Following this intimate space, our photographer carries us to the lower level of the abode and rewards the viewers with another one-point perspective of the unique staircase and large wine closet. Using this technique, the lensman successfully creates an image that feels as if the viewer has stepped into a design magazine. The light highlighting a variety of wine bottles counteracts the dark door beneath the stairway, creating a perfect balance.

Our photographer then finishes off the tour of this stunning Kansas City home with the lower level wet bar and entrainment spaces, using a mixture of wide-open angles and close up details to highlight the stone textures and modern light fixtures.

The overall effect of this visual walkthrough is the perfect way to enthrall any potential homebuyer or clients needing high-end interior design services in Kansas City.


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