Mountain Modern Design at Loch Lloyd

May 9, 2023 | 0 comments

Mountain Modern Design is introduced to Kansas City in this legendary Parade of Homes design.
Loch Lloyd, Missouri 2019

Loch Lloyd, Missouri, is an ideal destination for any real estate photographer. It is a gated, resort-like community nestled on the Kansas/Missouri border just south of Kansas City in Cass County. This rural feeling suburb is photo-ready with a very low population of fewer than 1,000 people, which provides itsresidents with an exclusive five-star lifestyle of luxurious local amenities. This includes a marvelous golf course built by legendary golf course designer Tom Watson. The idyllic setting paints a beautiful picture of perfection, so it’s no surprise that the name was derived from real estate developer Harry J. Lloyd. While the community was built long after Lloyd’s death, it was designed with him in mind by providing homeowners with ample opportunities located right off their front step, which supplies
the carefree lifestyle of their dreams.

But green grass and lake-side living are not what brought us to this part of our beautiful midwest state. We feel honored to have been allowed to photograph this stunning mountain modern design located in the heart of America. Crafted with only the finest materials, this gem of a dwelling is what real estate photography is all about. Perfectly textured, the rustic feel bleeds down from the shiplap ceiling, then gets carried through the space on a chevron-patterned floor. However, this house is not a mountain cabin in the woods, as the rustic feel disappears behind marble, chic tile, and neutral tones.

While we commonly use flash to highlight dark spaces, this glamorous abode didn’t need much artificial light as most of the rooms had large windows flooding the atmosphere with natural ambiance. As we moved through the space, it became apparent that we would need to spend extra time crafting this home’s real estate marketing images, as each angle provided show-stopping moments.
Packed with extraordinary architecture, this was a fantastic dwelling to maximize our favorite point of view, a one-point perspective. As you scroll through the images, you may notice how much we incorporated this compositional photography technique which complements the solid architectural lines by providing straight horizontal and vertical details.

It was a complete joy to be given the opportunity to photograph this ideal piece of Kansas City real estate. This abode was a piece of paradise among the grass fields of our beloved prairie land. From inside and out, this stunning dwelling offered excellent compositional opportunities that we don’t always get the pleasure of documenting. So we hope you enjoyed this photographic real estate walkthrough as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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