Old Mission Hills Oasis

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Stunning Hidden Oasis

Mission Hills, Kansas

Client: Better Homes & Gardens

Project Date: 2019

This artisan home was built in 1926 in the historic luxury of old Mission Hills. It was important to keep the warmth of the home while maintaining a balance that was fresh and inviting. Unique angles were utilized to keep prospective buyers interest, while maintaining a professional and luxurious look to the listing photographs. Supplemental lighting was also invaluable to counteract unfavorable ambient light color casts, and maintain the true colors of the space for a stunning finished album that represents the timeless wonder of such a unique home.

This family home built in 1926 is like stepping into the secret garden of Mission Hills. The property itself is so captivating that is it understandable why Picture KC’s professional photographer spent the extra time capturing the lush vegetation and stone walls. The exterior of the property was captured during late spring and early summer, which helps to enhance the distinctive landscaping surrounding the residence.

The brick walkways and stone patio features along with vintage fixtures and elegant wood trim give this gorgeous home a storybook feel. Including images such as the entrance walkway is a great way of striking an emotion in your future buyer. Photographs such as these can provide the experience of tracing one’s fingertips across the wooden handrails as the viewer steps on the notable bricks making up the texture of the walkway.

Once inside, the photographer imminently gives viewers an image of the breathtaking staircase that winds up to the second floor. An original chandelier catches the eye as the rich wooden floor twists upwards. The photographer’s use of exposure highlights the lavish vegetation of the exterior bleeding through the windows, further reminding the viewer of the peaceful gardens that surround this remarkable home.

Similar to how a potential buyer would experience it, Picture KC’s knowledgable photographer rotates the camera in the foyer to give the prospective buyer a full first impression. This shows off the architectural details but is also a subtle way of displaying the flow of the floor plan. As the viewer continues through the home, an elegantly highlighted abundance of natural light spills in through tall glass doors, demonstrating the importance of carefully crafting the aperture of light by choosing the right time of day.

As the photographer moves throughout the home they leave doors open, capturing hints at what lies beyond each space. They find detailed angles that highlight the home’s built-in elements—a feature many modern-day properties omit. The character of this roaring 1920’s residence shines through as the viewer flips between photographs. Little bits of detail serve as unexpected hidden treasures.

Flowing between the comfortable, enclosed patio to the clean, white dining room, this skilled photographic artist pauses to spend additional time in the most important room, the kitchen. This room is the heart of the home and Picture KC’s lensman does a wonderful job of including just enough images to make the viewer feel as if they are circling the floating island. They leave the spectator with one last detailed image before using a one-point perspective to display a small sitting area. This viewpoint is one of the most powerful perspectives and is used correctly here to create additional interest in what would otherwise be a forgettable space.

The photographer ties the floor plan together by looking down on the ornate circling staircase. Revisiting this unique element from a different standpoint is a beautiful way of informing the viewer that they have traveled up the wooden steps. The cameraperson then takes the audience into the master bedroom where the suite is highlighted with several images. This gives the observer an experience of the entire space from the bedroom to the bathroom and through to the spacious closet where you can almost smell the scent of cedar radiating off the rich wooden walls.

Picture KC’s experienced photographer gives the potential buyer just enough images to let them float through the upstairs bedrooms and back down the stairway to a comfortable family room and wine storage. The listing concludes with a bird’s eye view of the exterior of the home, perfectly tying the entire residence together.

Copyright Picture KC March 2020


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