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When you have a special guest in town and you want to take them somewhere spectacular to eat, do you go to the small dive restaurant that specializes in only a few dishes – that you know will leave them speechless – or do you take them to the big chain restaurant with average food, but there’s something for everyone?

For us, it’s hands down the dive restaurant. Every. Single. Time. Why? Because we believe specialization is the key element in delivering high quality. Sure, we could offer a ton of services and never say “no” so we could cash in on every opportunity that comes our way… but as consumers ourselves we believe focusing on one or two things and doing them well, will always deliver a better product.

This is why Picture KC does not aim to be a one-stop-shop for photography. Rather, we want your business, our business, and other local Kansas City businesses to grow together by providing top-notch services, products, and resources that truly let your business reach it’s full potential!

Below you will find resources that we recommend for a variety of real estate, build, and design industry related business needs.

Do you know someone who delivers an exceptional product or service in the property marketing world? We’d love to hear who you think should be our next trusted resource!

All recommendations are unsolicited and referrals we have personally used and recommend.


Hand & Land | Jess & Nicole

Their upbringing, past experiences, passions and desires have all played a part in their love affair with green beauty and natural, holistic living. Jess and Nicole are grateful to continue to explore at HAND & LAND and share with others who desire to live as clean as possible. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and it’s turned into a way of life. Together we can honor ourselves in a whole new way, and take care of this beautiful planet at the same time.

Samantha Levi Photography | Samantha Levi

Samantha Levi is a daring Kansas City fashion and branding photographer who takes evocative, colorful, and glamorous shots and portraits. She has built her name for her ability to play with framing, color, and repetition to take shots that would otherwise be straightforward, and turn them on their head into rebellious, confident works of art. Her work helps people and brands get recognized, burrowing their distinct image into a part of people’s memories.

Ryse Avenue | Lauren Muth

Lauren is a brand designer, web developer and nonprofit campaign strategist. The mission of Ryse Avenue is to cultivate community around human-centered design and ethical practice, as well as support organizations in their fundraising and marketing efforts.

Refined Interior Staging Solutions | Helen Bartlett

KC Home Report

Are you feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start? You’re building a new house and aren’t sure what steps to take or you’re desperately needing to update that basement bathroom before guests come to stay. Let me help you. From design ideas to all the tips I learned from building our home.

Happy Tress Painting | Melissa Weinman

Happy Trees was founded in 2014 by local artist and musician Melissa Weinman. Since its inception thousands of paintings have been taught, and over time a tried and true Happy Trees method has developed. We specialize in the Wow Factor by using simple techniques that your family and friends wont believe you painted! Just check out some of our results!

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